Indica vs Sativa – how to choose the right strain for you?

choose the right strain for you

choose the right strain for you

A variety of medicinal applications and recreational uses are achieved by using cannabis. Sativa has a mainly energizing effect, whereas indica has a relaxing and sleep-inducing effect.

It is interesting to note that now days there are many that consider Indica and Sativa to be a bit of a myth and that the exact profiles don’t make much of a difference in effect. Now it seems most vendors are more focussed on THC content and the cannabinoid profiles. It seems that the general consensus is that the type of cannabis may not be the greatest indicator of the effects you’ll experience.

This view is not expressed by everyone in the industry as there are still many that refer to strains as Indica and Sativa and value the importance of identifying them in this way. In this article we will try to explore some of the different things you should be looking at when trying to find the perfect Marijuana Seed Banks and cannabis strain for your own personal requirements.

What should you look for to understand strain effects?

It is often said that sativa is more energizing and energizing, while indica is more relaxing and calming, but it’s not quite that simple. Even the same type of cannabis produces different effects, depending on its chemical composition as well as its cultivation technique.

Consider the description provided by the grower and dispensary rather than the type alone, sativa or indica.


Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis plants.

It is these naturally occurring components that produce many of the positive and negative effects of cannabis use.

Less desirable, but medicinally beneficial cannabinoids include CBN which is used in neurological care, CBG which is thought to relieve anxiety and have antipsychotic benefits and THCA which has no psychoactive effects.

It’s common to pay attention to a cannabis strain’s THC and CBD content, but research suggests that terpenes may be equally important.

In addition to cannabinoids, terpenes are other naturally occurring compounds that may affect the effects of different strains.

What are the specifics of Cannabis Sativa?

  • Cannabis Sativa have their origins in countries such as South East Asia, Africa and South America.
  • It seems clear that Sativa strains grow generally quite tall with wide spanning fan leaves and a loose bud structure and take a lot longer to produce ripened flowers.
  • Typically it seems Sativa varieties have much higher ratios of THC with low levels of CBD.
  • The high produced when smoking a Sativa strain is generally agreed on to be an active and slightly more halucinagenic buzz that is more stimulating.
  • When smoking a powerful sativa it is said that sleep is difficult and the effect can leave you feeling wired and less sleep ready.

What are the specifics of Cannabis Indica?

  • Indica cannabis strains originate from countries such as India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Morocco and famously the mountains of the Hindu Kush.
  • Indica plants are short, fat and produce very dense sticky buds that have large leaves that don’t let so much light pass over the plants.
  • Typically Indica buds carry higher ratios of CBD, but also match sativas with high THC levels also.
  • Indica strains give an effect that is known to be a body stone and is better for muscle relaxation and for those who want a more chilled buzz.
  • The smoke is better at night because it can make you very sleepy and can assist those greatly with insomnia.

What are the specifics of Cannabis Hybrids?

  • Cannabis Hybrid strains are those that have been genetically crossed to contain balanced amounts of Indica and Sativa.
  • Plants are a more balanced mix of slightly dense buds with a more moderate size and medium flowering time.
  • The buds are considered to offer the best of both worlds with slightly higher THC and a quality mix of both traits.
  • The high can be balanced offering a better strain for all round medicinal benefit that can be smoked at day or nighttime and have a more balanced medicinal effect.

What are the specifics of Cannabis Ruderalis?

In recent years since the commercial availability of Lowryder by Joint Doctors, Ruderalis has become very popular. This autoflowering variety offers a different approach for gardeners and seems to be a lot better for the hobby growers.

  • Cannabis Ruderalis originates from regions of the northern hemisphere that experience 24 hour daylight and plants have evolved to not require a seasonal change to ripen flowering.
  • Plants generally grow much shorter and finish flowering much faster which makes them very popular.
  • The plants automatically flower making them great for outdoor growing in climates that don’t have a long summer.
  • It is generally considered that ruderalis strains have a low THC level making them slightly less popular with commercial growers.
  • The high from smoking ruderalis can be better for beginners and have a milder effect that makes it possible to smoke at any time of the day or night.

How to choose the right marijuana strain

When you’re looking for the right cannabis product for you, talk with the dispensary employee about your goals for cannabis use, whether that’s treating insomnia, reducing anxiety, or increasing energy.

Really when starting out on your cannabis journey it will be a process of trial and error in finding what really suits you. The main thing to consider at the beginning as that your tolerance level will be quite low and really you don’t want to over do it with a super high THC level variety.

For those just starting out if should be taken carefully as adverse side effect may be increased with higher THC Level varieties. Start out experimenting with low THC. It’s important to know your tolerance level, as well as your medical history, in case of potential interactions with medications.

Effects associated with indica strains

  • People say cannabis indica strains help their muscles relax and their brains slow down.
  • Many find that indica strains make them sleepy, which may be a good thing for people with insomnia.
  • Indica strains are often recommended for people looking to use cannabis for chronic or acute pain.
  • It is said that Indica smokers have an increase in apitite which can be really advantageous in treating conditions which stop people feeling hungry.
  • Many find that indica strains also help with nausea and keeping food down.

Effects associated with Sativa strains

  • People say cannabis sativa strains are great for heightened spiritual awareness and expansion of the mind in the way we think (more psychodelic).
  • For the aspiring DJ or inspiration lacking artist smoking a sativa strain can increase creative pathways enhancing the ability to think up new material.
  • It is said that Cannabis Sativa is energizing and much better suited to daytime consumption. This could provide an uplifting mood better for socializing.
  • It is also said that Sativa strains can help with focus and concentration. If say you are stuck on a laborious task this may become a little easier to complete.

Potential side effects

Cannabis Does not always produce only positive effects. Some people seem to be affected adversely more than others for a variety of reasons. It is important to know your own mind and if you are experiencing negative symptoms, don’t ignore it.

  • Some people suffer an extreme level of increased anxiety when smoking weed
  • Some can experience high levels of Paranoia
  • Drowsiness
  • Increased appetite
  • Dry and red eyes are common and normal
  • Insomnia can be more apparent with smoking sativa strains
  • Slow reaction times could be dangerous when operating machinery for example
  • Diziness

The conclusion really is that when starting out on your journey into the wonderful and amazing world of cannabis it is important to be a little cautious. There have been studies that show evidence of increased chance of developing serious psychological disorders if you start smoking marijuana in your teens. We highly object to giving anyone marijuana that is under the age of 18 years old and offer a word of caution especially to those in the teen age group.

If you’re trying a cannabis product for the first time, start slow and have patience. There is plenty of time for you on this journey and there is no point ruining it with a bad experience because you ran before you learnt to walk.

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